Jun 21

Infant circumcision is unethical paper says

“A new paper by David Shaw in Clinical Ethics this month argues that non-indicated circumcision performed by a physician is unethical. The paper states that an ethical doctor will object to conducting a clinically unnecessary operation on a child who cannot consent simply because of the parent’s desires or religious beliefs.”


Jun 12

It’s time to protect boys as well as girls from the barbaric practice of circumcision

“Let the squeamish look away now: this blog post is about male and female circumcision, a subject that’s raising controversy again. Why is female circumcision abhorrent but male circumcision kosher?

I blame our cultural hypocrisy.”


Jun 09

Infant circumcision causes [more than] 100 deaths each year in US

“The study found that approximately 117 neonatal (first 28 days after birth) circumcision-related deaths occur annually in the United States, one out of every 77 male neonatal deaths. The study also identified reasons why accurate data on these deaths are not available, some of the obstacles to preventing these deaths, and some solutions to overcome them.

Previous studies estimated the death rate as low as two per year to as many as 230. The study collected data from hospital records and government sources to attempt to provide a more accurate magnitude of the problem.

To put this in perspective, about 44 neonatal boys die each year from suffocation, and 8 from auto accidents. About 115 neonatal boys die annually from SIDS, nearly the same as from circumcision.”


Jun 08

Clarification on why MGM is comparable to FGM

The following video was posted by the YouTube member freedom0f5peech, who has an excellent assortment of informational videos about the subject of genital mutilation. This particular video was a response to another YouTube member who, like many people, is clearly not aware of the similarities between and misconceptions about female genital mutilation (FGM) and male genital mutilation (MGM). Due to a politically correct mindset in various countries, some people express massive anger about cutting females but blatantly refuse to accept that what is routinely done to baby boys is just as wrong as what happens to baby girls in some countries.

*Warning – the video contains various profanities as well as some images of human genitalia.

Jun 08

The case against circumcision

“To be intact, as nature intended, is best. The vast majority of males who are given the choice value their wholeness and keep their foreskins, for the same reason they keep their other organs of perception. Parents in Europe and non-Muslim Asia never have forced their boys to be circumcised. It would no more occur to them to cut off part of their boys’ penises than it would to cut off part of their ears. Respecting a child’s right to keep his genitals intact is normal and natural. It is conservative in the best sense of the word.

A circumcised father who has mixed feelings about his intact newborn son may require gentle, compassionate psychological counseling to help him come to terms with his loss and to overcome his anxieties about normal male genitalia. In such cases, the mother should steadfastly protect her child, inviting her husband to share this protective role and helping him diffuse his negative feelings. Most parents want what is best for their baby. Wise parents listen to their hearts and trust their instinct to protect their baby from harm. The experience of the ages has shown that babies thrive best in a trusting atmosphere of love, gentleness, respect, acceptance, nurturing, and intimacy. Cutting off a baby’s foreskin shatters this trust. Circumcision wounds and harms the baby and the person the baby will become. Parents who respect their son’s wholeness are bequeathing to him his birthright-his body, perfect and beautiful in its entirety.”


Jun 08

Who’s looking after the boys?

The universal declaration of human rights state that every man, woman and child should have equal rights without discrimination (United Nations, 1948). These rights should have meaning within our everyday lives and aim to protect all people from injustice.”


Jun 07

Strawman Fallacy: FGM vs. MGM


Jun 07

Routine circumcision of normal male infants and boys

“Strictly speaking, it is not the opponents of routine male circumcision who need to make a case against the procedure, but its supporters who must prove its necessity: they need to explain why a natural part of the human body, and one common to all primates, is so dangerous that it must be amputated before a baby can talk, crawl or do anything much except scream.”


Jun 07

Foreskin or against it?

A humorous article written by a cut man. While very funny in places, it gets the point across by summarizing:

“In 100 years, I mused, will circumcision exist only in books that chronicle gruesome medical foibles? Will it be found in the chapter right after leeches?”


Jun 07

Pro/con chart

“A while back, I wrote an essay on the ethics of routine male circumcision. During my search for sources in writing this paper, I found very few pro-circumcision sources because so few doctors recommend the procedure today.

Despite that, many Americans are still very much for Routine Infant Circumcision. This is my page outlining both the pro and con arguments for the procedure, followed by a brief on the truth of the situation.”