Global Survey of Circumcision Harm

“The Global Survey of Circumcision Harm (GSCH) was launched because the medical community has never investigated the long-term adverse physical, sexual, emotional or psychological consequences of infant/childhood circumcision on the health of adult men. This is due, in part, to many men with such harm not being comfortable enough to speak with others about these issues, or not being given a safe venue in which to document these adverse consequences. Until the medical community investigates these consequences, the internet remains an alternate venue offering these men the comfort level they require to document such harm.

The survey is a grassroots, all-volunteer effort to provide an online self-report and documentation method for any male who considers himself harmed by childhood genital cutting imposed on him without his fully informed consent. It is hoped that documenting such consequences and making the results publicly accessible through our related website (see below) will provide a starting point for dialogue about the long-term adverse consequences of male genital cutting. It is hoped that this harm will be investigated by medical communities and taken seriously by the societies where customs of male childhood genital cutting occur.”

Further info and survey here:

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