20 Reasons I Did Not Circumcise My Son « Sagacious Mama

Blogger Sagacious Mama gives several reasons why she did not circumcise her son. Below is an excerpt from her post. The remaining content can be read at the link that follows.

When an American physician says that circumcision prevents UTI or cancer of the penis, he is sincere. But, it is like a medieval Chinese physician saying that foot binding prevents flat feet. If someone asks me, “What rate of preventable UTI would justify male circumcision?” I respond by asking, “What rate of preventable UTI would justify female circumcision?” The second question is patently absurd unless one’s cultural bias allows a sympathetic view of female circumcision. Therefore, the first question can be only slightly less absurd.

~ Martin S. Altschul MD

Source: http://sagaciousmama.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/20-reasons-i-did-not-circumcise-my-son/

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