The “Anti-Semite” Card No Longer Washes

“As predicted, the current bid to ban circumcision in San Francisco is causing commotion. And, as predicted, religious groups, particularly Jewish organizations, are working hard to condemn the measure as anti-Semitic. It seems circumcision advocates have found the perfect scapegoat, however, and they’re milking it for everything it’s worth.

The scapegoat in question is the latest issue of "Foreskin Man," a comic book that portrays a hero who saves defenseless babies from crazed maniacs intent on circumcising them. The villain in the latest issue happens to be a mohel, and the author’s portrayal of him isn’t exactly kosher. The imagery of the villain, or "Monster Mohel" as he is called, are very disturbing, because to some, it recalls Nazi German anti-Semitist propaganda.

Perhaps the creation of this comic wouldn’t have garnered so much attention, if it weren’t for the fact that the creator, Matthew Hess, also happens to be the president of MGM Bill, which is an organization working to enact legislation that would ban the circumcision of minors unless it is medically necessary. The comic book has become a lightning rod for criticism of not only the proposed ballot measure in San Francisco, but also for the entire intactivist movement as a whole. Opponents to the measure are waving it around as "proof" that intactivists are all anti-Semites, and now, instead of the issues, intactivists are fending off accusations of anti-Semitism.”

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4 thoughts on “The “Anti-Semite” Card No Longer Washes

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  3. The Foreskin Man comic was a political and public relations disaster. Matthew Hess is culturally tone deaf, and oblivious to the fact that culture and history matter, and that imagery can have a powerful historical context. Brit milah is more tragic than evil. It continues because of an exaggerated devotion to tradition and history. Jews should be gently encouraged to see circumcision as being at war with the Jewish loyalty to human rights and progressive causes, and with Jewish medical and sexual sophistication.

    Once the typical well-educated Jew agrees that circumcision detracts from sex at its best, your typical Jewish intellectual will agree with intactivism, saying forthrightly that atheists and gentiles should NOT circumcise, and that observant Jewish parents should feel completely free to let their sons decide how their penis shall look and function when they are young adults. Intactivism is NOT at all about forbidding circ, but about making it a voluntary adult choice.

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