Circumcision Rates Plummet: 2 Out of 3 Boys Escape the Knife

“The US male infant circumcision rate is now 32%, according to the CDC. This is great news for Intactivists and even better news for the more than one million boys who are now remaining intact every year. This means that their efforts have been successful in continuing the steady decline of an unnecessary surgery upon defenseless infants.”

2 thoughts on “Circumcision Rates Plummet: 2 Out of 3 Boys Escape the Knife

  1. Andy, it will end when the typical woman who graduates from college, will do so believing that foreskin makes intercourse hotter, or at least more comfortable for her. Some will conclude this from dating experience, but many will believe this simply because of overheard raunchy conversations late evenings in dorm common rooms. Women are the arbiters of fashion, and the foreskin is coming back into fashion.

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