Mar 08

Male circumcision is NOT associated with HIV or HSV-2

“In this study population, circumcision status was not associated with HIV or HSV-2 seroprevalence or current genital ulceration …


This study did not detect the expected association between male circumcision and HIV seropositivity …


… our ability to detect any association between genital herpes and circumcision status or preference for circumcised partners was improved – no association was found.” [emphasis added]

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Mar 06

Circumcision Legality/Consent Lawyers

“[T]here is a growing body of law to suggest that if you have been circumcised without  your consent (that is, even if your parents consented for you as a child), you can sue the doctor when you reach 18 years of age.  The laws here vary as well, but many states allow a six month to two year window from your 18th birthday to initiate litigation for any violations you suffer as a child.  If you had a circumcision performed on you for non-medical reasons, then it may qualify as a personal injury, regardless of parental consent.  This is especially true if you’ve suffered any physical, sexual or psychological problems resulting from your circumcision.  Time is of the essence for this type of litigation, so you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.”

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“Compelling reasons exist for strong concern among attorneys and the public about the various types of damage caused by circumcision. These include pain and suffering, psychological harm, behavioral changes, irreversible reduction or loss of full sexual function, and underreported tragic complications, including deaths. Moreover, no satisfactory medical justification for routine circumcision has ever been demonstrated.”

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Mar 05


“Circumcision is a euphemism for genital reduction surgery or genital mutilation, performed by medically-licensed or unqualified practitioners for various reasons. It is important to define it honestly, for that is how the mind interprets it, with or without superimposed denials, explanations and intellectualisations.

Many circumcisions are performed on children, who, by definition are not able to give informed consent of the kind available to adults. They are vulnerable to coercion and manipulation and generally have little say in what happens to their bodies medically & surgically. They are not usually allowed to say no to medical procedures because it is deemed that parents & doctors "know best". However, it is unlikely that any child, asked if they would like a person with a knife to cut off part of their penis, would agree to such an action. This would be a normal psychological reaction to the threat of attack and is overruled at some psychological cost.

When one’s own natural tendency to protect oneself is rendered ineffective, one loses a sense of one’s own power over one’s destiny & survival, and a feeling of helplessness ensues. This occurs in situations of rape, torture and sexual abuse. In a situation where a person feels he or she cannot escape physical attack, the mind will "escape" by a process of "dissociation" – it is as if the mind leaves the body temporarily, so that the body can endure the attack, but the mind does not have to. On returning to the body, the mind may then be subject to unconscious repetitions of the traumatic memories in flashbacks or nightmares. These recurring images may be triggered by any situation which reminds the sufferer of the original traumatic event; a child who has been subjected to a painful surgical procedure in hospital may develop a phobia of hospitals or doctors or people in white coats. The child, or later the adult he grows into, may sweat, have palpitations, feel breathless, nauseated, panicky or dizzy at the thought of the trauma situation and try to avoid it happening again. This may lead to difficulty when medical attention is genuinely needed for a subsequent illness.”

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Mar 02

Half of adult males carry HPV

“Male circumcision and the use of condoms have shown little protection against HPV infection”

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